Beaumonde French Bulldogs

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My name is Bonnie Gilchrist. My family and I live in a smaller community called Chilliwack, about 2 hours outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada where I am retired and raise French Bulldogs. We are a family of animal lovers and after our first French Bulldog, it only seemed natural for us to raise our very own litter of farty frog dogs! I fell in love with these little rollie pollie dogs and I decided this was "It" for me! And that's where my addiction began.......I first started working with a breeder who has been producing quality French Bulldogs for many years and finished many Champions, most of them homebred. I used her knowledge and started producing a line of healthy and correct French Bulldogs.

First things first......French Bulldogs have one purpose in life and that is to make you smile. If you want a whimsical, charming, stubborn little clown, then a Frenchie may be for you. If you want a little friend that will amuse you for hours on end, then a Frenchie may be for you. If you are ready to have your heart stolen by a bat-eared little gremlin, then a Frenchie is for you! 

We are a small, in house breeder of French Bulldogs all of our dogs are 'house dogs'- we do NOT have a kennel, or keep our dogs outside. Our goal is to produce healthy, sound Frenchies that make wonderful family companions and are of exceptionally good natured Frenchies desire a lot of attention from their loved ones and that's exactly what they get here. All of our frenchies and puppies are raised indoors, literally under my foot. They are all well socialized with adults, children and other dogs and extremely spoiled. Our kennel is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and I am also a member in good standing. Reputation is everything to us! All our puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Our frenchies are nice, compact and muscular, with small to medium builds and have lots of wrinkles. Beaumonde French Bulldogs only come in standard colors, as specified in the Canadian Kennel Club breed standard.


This website will introduce my dogs and give information on my current breeding’s, please enjoy your visit and come back often as we are always up dating out site.

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